The 2017 NBA Season Pissed Off Fans

Credit: Charles Wenzelberg

After Game 5 of the finals we have now seen Durant win his first title and finals MVP. Everyone except Golden State fans alike shook their heads with annoyance. Since the very first game of the season a Warriors vs Cavs rematch was anticipated, with the Warriors super team the favorite to win. Well guess what, everyone as right.

Their cupcake journey to the finals was hard to watch as a fan. Despite this year’s finals ratings being extremely high, the NBA still had bad overall ratings according to It seems that the NBA is losing to predictability and has caused many fans to not be interested.

The Warriors were undefeated in the first three rounds of the playoffs (almost staying undefeated in the finals). Cleveland alike also dominated the Eastern conference on their way to the finals. As a fan it seemed pointless to watch the playoffs because of the monopoly the two teams had on the league.

Additionally, there were fewer games played in the playoffs which resulted in series’ that people weren’t interested in. Only two series, both in the first round, went to 7 games. A total of five series ended at game 4; all five of them included either Cleveland or Golden State. So we get the matchup we expect, and everyone is ready for a tight 7-game contest. Then the Warriors dominate. The Cavs couldn’t even keep the series interesting by losing in 5.

As a fan of the NBA I don’t know how to feel. Colin Cowherd spoke on his show “The Herd” about how the NBA struggles because they have confusing storylines. Do we still hate LeBron, or do we like him now that he is back home? Do we like the Warriors, or hate them now that they have KD?

The 2016-17 NBA season has confusing storylines | THE HERD

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At the end of the day sports are all about marketing and putting together something entertaining. The NBA just has a really confusing narrative right now. As much as fans want to see two of the best teams in the NBA history square off – we miss having an underdog. For example, the Chicago Cubs were the best thing that could have happened to baseball and the league should take note of that.

Needless to say, if we see another Cavs Warriors rematch in next year’s finals, it will be pretty remarkable. Four years in a row of the same matchup. Sure that will sell, but not if the series only goes to Game 5.

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